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Music Director, Justin Freer
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Electric Christmas Party

Tesla Lights
Creative Commons License photo credit: sbisson

My great friend Brady Beaubien hosted his company Christmas party last night, which I attended. He had it a killer club in downtown Los Angeles called The Edison. When you walk in you’re immediately sucked into an environment that is reminiscent of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

The club itself is one of the old Edison Electric plants that was flooded many years ago. The club still has the original boilers and brick walls which add to the vintage feel. Brady hosted the party in the Tesla Room which was complete with some of the coolest leather chairs I’ve ever sat in, old school radios, iron furnace lids attached to the brick walls and two modern day plasma screens running French animation episodes.

The cocktail waitresses were dressed in very classy garb, almost as if they were right out of a Jane Russell classic. The food was spectacular - some of the best fried Calamari I’ve ever had.

The drinks?

Mohitos all night long. Brady found them just as addicting as I did.

I forgot to mention that Brady hooked us up with a limo from his office to the club, complete with all the trimmings. The whiskey and vodka were especially popular. Brandon, who works with Brady, landed a seat right in front of the limousine bar, so naturally he was tasked with pouring.

Stiff is all that need be said about Brandon’s Concoction Especiale.

The jazz quartet playing at the club was pretty good - no idea who they were, but they added to the night’s entertainment. BUT, just like every other club the music was just way too darn loud (at times). I don’t understand how club owners think that extraordinarily loud music makes for a nice social setting. I woke up this morning with a sore throat just from all the yelling I was doing last night!

Or maybe it was from the alcohol. Regardless, it was worth it.

Film producer Ron Yerxa was in attendance, a friend and mentor of Brady, so it was cool to meet him and chat with him a bit. Very nice man.

All in all the party was killin’. Maybe the Los Angeles Brass Ensemble should host a party there!

Hat’s off to Mr. Brady for hosting a rad, rockin’ night.

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  1. Brandon Dec 12th 2008

    Thanks for the recap of the event. I can’t remember any of it.

    kidding…………..sort of.

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