Los Angeles Brass Ensemble

Music Director, Justin Freer



The Los Angeles Brass Ensemble is changing the way music is performed and experienced. From trail blazing classical and jazz arrangements, to remarkable original compositions, to burning pop standards, the Los Angeles Brass Ensemble sets new definitions in brass performance while thrilling audiences with an entirely fresh and exhilarating musical experience that’s perfect for all ages.

With an eye popping size of 14 brass musicians, the Ensemble’s captivating and animated programming mixed with its quick-witted humor, beaming personality and intoxicating musical knowledge results in a thrilling concert of day or evening entertainment that is not to be missed. The Los Angeles Brass Ensemble eclipses the standard brass literature with an assortment of hair-raising arrangements and compelling original compositions that redefine the role of brass music. Whether through classical, jazz or pop, audiences of all ages are continually treated to an extraordinary musical event that is unparalleled in entertainment today.

With an undying desire not only to perform but educate as well, Founder and Music Director Justin Freer has committed the Los Angeles Brass Ensemble to dedicating its energies and expertise to educating musicians in every corner of the world. With its unique and dazzling programming and comprehensive master classes, students of all levels are exposed to the necessary tools and techniques needed to succeed as a musician in today’s continually developing musical climate.

The members of the Los Angeles Brass Ensemble have toured the United States, Europe and Asia providing entertainment for such icons as the Queen of England, Bill Gates, Merv Griffin and Disney-Japan, and have appeared in some of the most famous concert halls in the world including the Royal Albert Hall, Sydney Opera House, Carnegie Hall and Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Daytime or evening, indoor or outdoor, in the concert hall, from the grassy Torrey Pines Golf Course or the soaring Gothic interior of Notre Dame de Paris - the Los Angeles Brass Ensemble does it all.